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Best Horror Movie Villain of All Time

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In honor of the day, I have come up with a foolproof system for determining the greatest horror movie villain of all time. Mixing statistics with personal opinion, I will determine just who is the best horror movie villain of all time. Just to get this out of the way, I have eliminated any Aliens, Predators, ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, dolls, leprauchans, or animals from the list, instead focusing on the three most iconic and prolific killers of the genre: Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. Some may cry foul because I’ve left Leatherface off the list, but he didn't work alone, having the help of his entire deranged family.   
One point will be awarded for each category, with the total points at the end being the winner.
1. Number of films.
Michael Myers has appeared in nine of the ten Halloween Movies, the only exception being Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, which was not part of the original continuity, and was only loosely tied to the series. There is talk of a 3rd movie in the current series to be released in 2012, but that remains to be seen. Jason Vorhees has been the main antagonist in eleven of the twelve Friday the 13th/Jason movies, he does appear in the first film, but is not the main villain, and only appears in a hallucination. Jason won the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992. Freddy has appeared in all nine films of the Nightmare series, was referenced in Jason X: Jason Goes to Hell, and had his on TV show. Winner: Jason Vorhees.
2. Worldwide Box Office
While each of the series’ have grossed over $300 million worldwide, the bulk for each comes from one movie. Of Halloween’s $352 million gross (not included Halloween III), $80 million came from 2007’s Rob Zombie helmed remake. The Nightmare on Elm Street cannon has grossed $455 million for its nine films, with the largest chunk, $115 million, coming from 2010’s remake. The Friday the 13th series, with its twelve films, has grossed $465 million around the globe. Interestingly enough, the highest grossing film in this series was 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason crossover. So the worldwide box office goes to Jason. Winner: Jason Vorhees
3. Origin
As a child, Jason Vorhees watched his homicidal mother get beheaded, so for him, it’s genetic. Freddy was a child molester who, when discovered by the town’s parents, was burned alive. Michael’s origins are a bit more cloudy. As a child (6 in Carpenter’s film, 10 in Zombie’s), Michael murders his older sister (and in Zombie’s: her boyfriend and his step-dad) before being committed to a psychiatric hospital for fifteen years before escaping.Winner: Michael Myers (there is nothing more terrifying than an indiscriminate killer).

So awesome
4. Weapon of Choice (WOC)
Jason Vorhees’ Weapon of Choice is a tried and true machete, the same one used to decapitate his mother. Michael Myers’ Weapon of Choice is a butcher knife he took from his kitchen as a child. Freddy Krueger’s weapon is a glove with knives attached. All three have taken the simpler approach to their WoC, opting for convenience and ease of carrying. While not as terrifying as a chainsaw, you never have to worry about running low on gas. While all three have proven to be resourceful without their WoC, Freddy’s claws are the coolest and most iconic. Winner: Freddy
5. Trademark(s)
Still the creepiest
Easily the hardest category to break down, as all three are iconic and have well-known trademarks. Freddy’s red and green striped sweater, his fedora and his aforementioned claws are some of the most memorable trademarks of all time, but he’s third in this category. Both Jason and Michael capitalize on the creepy mask, coveralls and their blade of choice. Jason’s old school hockey mask is awesome, but it wasn’t featured until the third movie in the original run, so it loses points for that. Michael’s blank and eerie William Shatner mask is one of the creepiest parts of the character, and makes Michael even scarier than Freddy or Jason. Winner: Michael Myers
6. Total Kills (TK)* – The total number of kills attributed to each character
After scouring the interwebs (I don’t have time to watch all of the movies and document each kill), I have found that Freddy has been credited with 40 kills, not including the children he may or may not have killed before he himself was killed, Michael has been credited with 136 kills, and Jason Vorhees has been credited with over 140 kills. I suspect that the higher number for Jason is because of the higher volume of films he’s appeared in, but he clearly has the edge in this one, though Michael Myers has the higher average of kills per movie, at 17, to Jason’s 11.67 and Freddy’s pathetic 4.4. Winner: Jason Vorhees.

7. Kills per Minute (KPM) –
Only 40 kills? Really?
While these three have killed quite a few people in their 20+ year histories, they still don’t even come close to the KPM of Rambo in a single movie (2.59 in Rambo 4). As series’, none of the three, with 9+ movies each, comes close to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (1422 total deaths, a KPM of .39). Freddy’s KPM is a lowly .05, due to his much lower TK count. Jason, while having the highest TK, has a KPM of .13. It’s Michael Myers, averaging a kill every 6.25 minutes, a KPM of .16, who takes the cake in this one. Winner: Michael Myers
(Huge thanks to for the stats.)
8. Killability (KA) – How many times the character has “died”
Technically speaking, Freddy is already dead, and thusly is unkillable, which would give him the win in this category, but, since he was officially killed, and has supernatural, dream-haunting abilities, he is disqualified from this category. While it would be nearly impossible to calculate the total number of times each character was assumed to be dead, only to show up alive later, Michael Myers holds a distinct advantage over Jason Vorhees. Michael, while seemingly dying in each film, is never actually confirmed to be dead, in several instances, the body is never recovered, meaning he simply got away. Jason, on the other hand, has been killed in nearly every film he’s appeared in. His reappearances are credited to re-animation (by a telekinetic girl, a lightning strike, by Freddy Krueger), and in one instance (Part 6), a copycat killer. While Jason may be “undead”, Michael has never officially died, making him the least killable of the three. He’s also the one you most often find yourself saying “he ain’t dead.”Winner: Michael Myers.
Freddy Krueger: 1
Jason Vorhees: 3
Michael Myers: 4
Best Horror Killer: Michael Myers

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